Innovative. Whale Shaped. Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Lovely Carrying Bag. Comfy Exterior. Travel Pillow. Perfect Gift Idea (Adult, Black)

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  • Innovative neck pillow in the shape of a whale that provides optimum support to the neck and head while traveling by car, bus or plane.
  • The exterior is made from a high-quality material that offers a cloud-like feel and the interior has memory foam that offers soft and comfy support to the neck and head and fits perfectly to induce sleep during long travels.
  • Made from premium materials and designed ergonomically, the neck pillow aims to support the neck and head and eliminate tension around the neck and shoulder so that you can rest peacefully.
  • The pillow comes with a zipper that enables taking out the pillow and washing it.
  • The Genius Picks neck pillow is suitable for everyone even people with allergy or sensitivity as the high-quality foam is resistant to all kinds of fungus, mites and mold and bacteria and even odor-causing microorganisms.